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Hi, everybody. John Fischer, I wanna take some time to talk about the litigator’s list. What is a litigator’s list? The litigator’s list is legal firms that actually buy blocks and numbers or people that just become professional pains in the butt and every time you call them, they hit you for a lot of money. Now this particular litigator’s company, there’s one in particular, Lemberg Law is just one example of these professional litigates funding contact centers and their clients with TCPA related lawsuits. They released an actual app called “Legal Call Blocker” although I went off the internet and I couldn’t find it but it allows consumers to file complaints directly from their wireless device.

I mean, you know what? The Do Not Calls kind of a very, very complicated situation and, you know, a lot of numbers and a lot of vagueness, you know, business to business exempt, but half the business are on the Do Not Call. It’s really, really crazy but the bottom line is these guys, this is bad news.

Here’s some startling statistics about Lemberg Law. They collected almost $30 million a day from contact centers and telemarketing companies. They filed 508 lawsuits in 2014 and filed 28 lawsuits in just January 2015 alone.

So the bottom line is if your list broker does not mention a litigator’s list is because he’s a piker and he doesn’t wanna spend $5,100 a year. You’re good enough for me, for me to go ahead and pay that $5,100. You guys, I make enough money to take care of my boys. I got your back. They don’t have your back. They don’t even know about the litigator’s list.

So remember one thing, when you buy a list, you gotta really take a look at the guy you’re buying. I got this website that will really give you some strong information how not to get ripped off, and I highly suggest you do that because unfortunately, in the 26 years I’ve been in the lead business, let me tell you, man, you know, you think you get ripped off by a list, how about me? I mean it’s terrible out there.

So a lot of things you should look at before you buy a lead from somebody, their BBB ratings, the litigator’s list. As you sell your Pennsylvania, does he even tell you about the overregulated states list? I’m being nice. That’s what it’s about.

So remember, make sure that you are scrubbing leads against that litigator’s list. So once you become my customer, you just send me your phone numbers, and I’ll do that for you free. We don’t charge for this litigators stuff and if you have SAN number, we scrub. But if you don’t have SAN number, it’s against the law. I can’t scrub. I can’t take what’s your SAN number and scrub your leads.

If your list broker’s your good buddy, and he says, “Don’t worry. These are pre-scrub.” Guess what? You’re gonna have a tough time in court talking to the government about, “Well, I bought this pre-scrub list.” It’s not the broker’s responsibility to scrub your list. It’s your responsibility. So a little confusion out there and it’s not cool.

Give me a call if you have any questions, 561-981-8777. And I hope I cleared this whole thing up. Have a good day.

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Lemberg Law

Lemberg Law is just one example of the professional litigants flooding contact centers and their clients with TCPA and related lawsuits.

Lemberg Law has released an app called “Legal Call Blocker” that allows consumers to file complaints directly from wireless devices.

Here are some startling stats about Lemberg Law:

    • Collected over $30 million to date from contact centers and telemarketing companies.
    • Filed 508 lawsuits in 2014.
    • Filed 28 lawsuits in January 2015 alone.

What can you do to mitigate the risk of being targeted by Lemberg or other litigants?
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