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Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer. Welcome to I want to go over…you know what, we haven’t done a video for a while, so I want to bring you all up to date. First of all, is a website that is dedicated to the PPCREMA, which stands for private placement. CREMA stands for the Cream of the Crop. And then, of course, our precious metal stuff, where we sell nothing but client lists of people that have bought bullion, and people that have bought numismatic coins.
But first, we’re going to talk about the PPCREMA. What we buy and only sell, is people that have been surveyed by a broken dealer. The broken dealer has skin in the game. In other words, he’s looking to make his 10% commission. There’s no better survey than a guy who’s a broker trying to, you know, bring in a client to make his 10% commission and of course to sell a private placement. Do not buy surveys that are being done out of the Philippines, Costa Rica. Even a 12, 15 dollar an hour guy from the U.S. who’s clueless about what an accredited investor looks like…let alone, what accredited investor do you know that would take time out of his day and give up his information? Especially if he’s got a million plus net worth. I’m an accredited investor and I wouldn’t do that. And you know what? Those guys are notorious for being great “looky-see’s”, and they’ll look…yeah let me take a look at it, but you know what they don’t close very well. Kinda reminiscent of a company that used to be out in California, and that was their reputation. Oh yeah, they prospect real well, but they sure don’t close. So you want broker-dealer qualified paper. Now we’ve got a lot of files in… you know what, I’ll do another video to kind of give you a breakdown of what the files are. But the important thing that we specialize in is accredited investor lead, accredited investor leads. You may call it accredited investors, accredited investor. You know, it’s like all different variations of the actual key word that you’re probably putting in on Google to find us. But the bottom line is, what we sell is accredited investor list/lists, accredited investor lead/leads, accredited investors. I mean it’s all the same breakdown. These are all people that are requesting information about private placements in a particular arena. Now, that’s the generalized one. Now, when you take a look at the specifics, 90% of my stuff comes from the oil and gas market. Why? The biggest amount of broker-dealers are in the oil and gas arena. So, when you’re looking for oil and gas leads, or oil and gas investor leads or oil leads, any of those breakdowns, that’s where 90% of my stuff comes from. So these are all oil and gas guys. They’re doing drilling ventures, and they’re looking for people to participate in those particular investment opportunities. So, again when you’re looking for oil leads, or whether it’s oil and gas investor leads, or oil and gas investor lists, oil and gas lists, lists, I mean it’s just a big variation of them. But that’s what we do. Our private placement memorandum recipients are all… or a big majority…happen to be in the oil and gas arena. I’ve also got real estate, I’ve also got a marijuana deal, we’ve got a few variations of what we call vertical. But my job is to bring you the accredited investor who’s qualified, not to give you the actual vertical, although we have some of those. I don’t want to give too much information at one time. I’ll be shooting some more videos to give you some more information, but remember, if you’re looking for any kind of information, if you have any kind of questions at all, we’re full-service providers. We’ll scrub against that litigator’s list…we’ll get into that later. Give me a call. John Fischer. (561) 981-8777. Have yourself a beautiful day and thank you for your time. provides the highest quality Broker-Surveyed Accredited Investor Leads available and has done so for 26 years.

We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and our A+ rating with zero complaints speaks for itself.


I would like to start by saying that I placed an order with about month ago and they were pretty insistent that I sign the invoice and get it back to them immediately. Now, briefly I would like to state that we spend probably 10k a month on data for our closer’s and 95% of the time we don’t get what we ordered, so of course I didn’t sign the form and just threw my top sales consultants on the new data. Well needless to say, not only was the data effective, it was exactly what we ordered and very profitable. If you’re like us and need reliable, accurate, qualified data on a regular basis you have found the place to get it, plain and simple. The data was DNC compliant and qualified perfectly as per our requirements. There is no need to look elsewhere, if you are looking for investors that actually have money, are accredited and active, you’ll get them here!

-Darren D

John, I just wanted to take this time to give you a compliment and a “Good Job!” The Big Dogs have surpassed all of my expectations. At first I thought it was you, a great salesman, hyping his product, but now I’m assured they were everything you promised and more. I have raised a few million from them and still have many left that I believe will eventually invest. You deserve a thumbs up and I just want to acknowledge you; this was the best return on my investment ever.

-Tom B, Hedge Fund Manager

I would like to thank you for the accredited investor leads you sent me this week. After 40 years in the brokerage business as an A.P. and CEO of an introducing brokerage firm, I have never been shown the care and professional help you have given me. I am impressed with both the quality of the leads and the service I have received. I am also impressed with your guidance through the FTC Do-Not-Call registration process. I will be sure to recommend your firm as a great source of leads to any associate that may be in need of your services. Looking forward to a long relationship with your company.

-Stanley P, CEO

I have been purchasing leads from John Fischer for the past 20 years. John has recently acquired a database named “Big Dogs” with potential customers that are qualified accredited investor with a quarter million dollars in risk capital and a minimum $5,000,000 net worth. In the last 3 months, I have raised $2,500,000 from the purchase of these “Big Dog” leads. John has always come through for me if there are any leads that are disconnected, wrong numbers, etc. John replaces them, no questions asked. He is a man of his word and doing business with John is always a profitable and pleasurable experience. Not only does he provide me with phenomenal leads, he also entertains me with his weekly video updates.

-Richard B.

Addy, what ever you guys doing keep doing!!! I made 32 cold calls today from your first list I opened and converted 6 callers to hard prospect who kept me on call 30 min plus, qualified and requested info… The pic below green lines represent such guys.. I’m super impressed, look forward to next round..


Our accredited investor leads are broker-surveyed as meeting the minimum requirements for accreditation as established by the SEC in Regulation D. All leads have a minimum annual income of $200K (or $300K with a spouse) and a minimum net worth of $1M, although in most cases more than that. They have the financial status and business experience to understand the risks of managing their own investment portfolio, and as such are the only investors in the United States permitted to invest in private equity offerings. All of our leads have experience investing in one of the following areas, the majority of them in multiple industries:
  • Private Placements
  • Oil and Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Precious Metals
  • Numismatic and Bullion Coins
  • Bio Technology
  • Alternative Energy
  • Film and Entertainment
We can work with you to create an accredited investor lead list specific to your business’s particular offering. Our service categorizes our accredited investor leads by financial status, investing experience, industry preferences, and many other factors. With a little bit of information from our clients, we can build a targeted lead list tailored to their investment opportunity. This makes for much more effective interactions with prospective investors, drastically increases conversion rates, and provides a much higher return on investment than a generic lead list. If you’re interested in our leads, fill out a quote form or call 1-800-590-5323.

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At, we’re all about quality. The current market is saturated with flat-out bad leads. When you buy cheap leads, you get what you pay for. You wade through a sea of disconnects and wrong numbers, and when (or if) you finally do reach a true accredited investor, they’ve already been bombarded by thirty other offers.
We Don’t Sell Those Leads
Our leads are more expensive for good reason; they get results. All of our leads are personally surveyed by investment brokers or private placement managers, not by some uninformed minimum-wage call center worker with no idea what a private placement is. We also collect as much data on our leads as we can. Knowing an investors financial status and areas of interest allows us to create lead lists suited towards our clients needs. When your leads have expressed interest in your specific market or industry, they are far more likely to invest in your offering than a generic accredited investor.

Who Can Benefit From These Leads?

While our leads are geared towards private placements, anyone planning an equity-based private investment offering will need accredited investors.

Our Clientele includes but is not limited to:

  • Broker-Dealers
  • Private Placement Managers
  • Stock Broker and Investment Firms
  • Bullion and Numismatic Coin Dealers
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Start-Ups
Even if your offering isn’t limited to only accredited investors, don’t write them off. These are the most influential investors the US has to offer.
While investments offered under Regulation D are the only ones that require accredited investors, any investment offering will seriously benefit from counting an accredited investor among its financiers.

Crowdfunding Not Working Out?

Crowdfunding is a form of fund-raising that typically involves providing material rewards in exchange for financial donations. An inventor might create a prototype, show it to the world, and raise the money for the initial production by pre-selling the product online. The inventor then has the money to mass produce his invention, and in return his “investors” will receive their product when production is complete. Since the inventor isn’t offering equity in his company, he does not have to abide by Regulation D and utilize only accredited investors for funding. The SEC is currently working on regulations to allow equity-based crowdfunding to the public, but they’re doing it at a snail’s pace. Certain investment opportunities can be very lucrative but just can’t gain traction through crowdfunding. They might not have a tangible product to offer as a reward, or they might provide business solutions that individual public investors don’t see the value in. If your crowdfunding campaign didn’t succeed but you’re not ready to give up, consider purchasing one of our lead lists. Accredited Investors have the business experience and keen eye for investments that the public lacks. A few investors that understand your vision can provide the same funds you would get with hundreds of crowdfunders. They also have the knowledge to guide you along the way and a vested interest in your success. Whereas crowdfunders only provide the money and then wait for their reward, accredited investors provide not only the funds, but also their support, knowledge, and experience.
Mention this ad to receive 100 Free “Big Dog” Leads (a $500 value) with your order of $1,000 or more!

Which Lead is Right for Me?

We have a variety of leads suited to different investment offerings:
Oil and Gas Investor Leads

Oil and Gas Leads

Our Qualified Oil and Gas Investor Leads have experience with and are interested in Oil and Gas Private Investment Offerings.
Private Placement Investor Leads

Private Placement Leads

These Qualified Accredited Investors meet SEC regulations and have received and invested in Private Placement offerings in the past.
Real Estate Investor Leads

Real Estate Leads

Our Real Estate Leads are Accredited Investors who have recently invested in residential housing and real estate opportunities.
Coin Investor Leads

Metal and Coin Leads

Our Precious Metal and Numismatic Accredited Investor Leads are interested in non-leverage metal offerings and specific coin investments.

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Do-Not-Call Registry Compliance


What is the DNC?
The DNC, or Do-Not-Call Registry, is a list of phone numbers from consumers who want to limit the amount of telemarketing calls they receive. It was created in 2003 by the Federal Trade Commission to amend the Telemarketing Sales Rule based on feedback from consumers and telemarketing agencies alike.
National vs State DNC Registries
In addition to the National DNC, some states have additional DNC registries with different regulations for telemarketers. Solicitors calling in these states must abide by additional stipulations on top of those required by the federal registry.
DNC Violation Consequences
DNC violations can warrant up to $16,000 in penalties per call, which can quickly add up to millions of dollars in fines, enough to put a business permanently out of commission.

Staying Compliant

Who is affected by the DNC?
Only calls soliciting sales for goods or services are covered by the DNC’s regulations; organizations like charities, political campaigns, and phone surveyors are exempt. Calls soliciting funds from investors for a private offering must always abide by DNC regulations.
How can I stay compliant?
The first step is registering with the FTC to purchase a Subscription Account Number, or SAN. The SAN gives you permission to call in certain area codes. The first five area codes are free, but any more will require additional payments. Once you have your SAN and area codes, you can download the registry and remove any DNC-subscribers from your lead list before making any calls.
What if I accidentally call a DNC subscriber?
The FTC has a safe harbor clause for this exact situation. So long as you are registered with the DNC and can prove that you promote DNC-Compliance practices among your sales team, you can avoid a fine. DNC Compliance Services

Are your leads DNC compliant?
In their most basic form, our lists are not necessarily DNC compliant. We are simply a lead provider and make no calls after selling a list. The client is the organization calling and soliciting individuals, and any DNC-compliance responsibility lies with them.
Can you scrub my leads against the DNC?
We can only scrub your list against the DNC if you have a Subscription Account Number (SAN) and we can only scrub leads in your registered area codes.
How do I get a Subscription Account Number?
We are more than happy to instruct you on how to get a SAN and can then use our leads to help you find the most profitable area codes for your offering. We always recommend getting a SAN as well as registering for at least twenty five area codes; it is very difficult to build a lead list that will get results with only five area codes.
Do I have to get a Subscription Account Number?
We always recommend registering for a SAN, but we can still sell lists to unregistered clients. Without a SAN, the leads cannot legally be scrubbed against the DNC and, as the solicitor, full responsibility for any DNC violations will lie with you. At $16,000 per call violation, we feel that it is much more cost-effective to purchase a SAN and register with the FTC. Read More about Accredited Investor Leads
Register with the FTC

Register with the FTC

State DNC Registries

State DNC Registries


DNC Registry FAQ