Accredited Investors 5/22/19

Accredited Investors 5/22/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to Accredited investors are us. That’s a keyword, that’s what we sell.

Our people have been vetted, they’ve been asking me they make $200,000 in the last two years, million net worth not including their home, experienced in managing personal portfolio, they’ve been mailed the private placement memorandum, they were asked 25,000 to 50,000 comfortable entry level. 29 years, A+ rating, we know what we’re doing.

We don’t sell that… we actually do, the Kentucky fried turkey stuff you buy out in California. We call the village bike written by everybody.

At one time, I thought, I thought I was so stuck so bad that I wouldn’t sell it, and then I realized I’ve got some customers that don’t like to pay for leads, they wanna buy it cheapy cheapy cheapy, they’re like pros, they dump them in a dialer, they get the results. I said you know what, I’m gonna get back into that business again.

We started a website called, and we can sell that stuff. I got a million and a half in leads, and the other two clients out there, I must have at least another million, and we sell them dirt cheap.

By the way, we’ve updated those things, cleaned up the numbers on them, cleaned up the litigators. One pay 50 cents from them, and you get them for 7 cents from me. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. The normal sales are $5,000.50. If you buy 2,500, that’s $1,250 minimum. Other than that, I think I pitted everything.

If you have any questions about accredited investors, feel free to call me. 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day and god bless.

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