Coin Investor Leads

Coin Investor Leads

Hi! Everybody, welcome to, my name is John Fisher.

Let’s talk about coin investor leads

We have a lot of people call up and they say I’m looking for accredited investors for my coin business. We sell numismatic coins if you are looking for accredited investors. I got to tell you, this happens to be one of the best kept secrets and I think the word’s out now. I think so many of my numismatic coin buyers are finally realizing that, hey, we need a different database, we need people with a lot more money, and I don’t want to be talking to some guy that talks of 30, 40 coins a day.

So, we have switched a lot of our people over to accredited investor leads, and what’s great about them is they have that survey, then they mailed a private placement memorandum, they had to have 25 to 50,000, and the actual vetting process they’ve been asked if they make $200,000 a year, if they have at least a million net worth not including their home, if they have experience in managing a personal portfolio, and if they have 25 to $50,000.

I got to tell you something, if you’re looking for coin investor leads, there’s no better lead than an accredited investor. I remember back in the old days, one of the biggest guys in Minnesota doubled the size of his people, and that’s all he ever used was accredited investors. He didn’t bother with coin leads. So, I’m not saying my coin leads are bad, but you know what? There’s a lot of people out there that had called the same coin leads over and over again. There are now a lot of people out there buying and calling my accredited investors. So, if you have any questions, feel free to call me. We sell them at a dollar a piece, thousand minimum.

If you buy 5,000, we dropped out the 50 cents, 2500 bucks. Please call me at 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless!

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