How to Sell to Accredited Investors Tip 2: Know Your Offering

How to Sell to Accredited Investors Tip 2: Know Your Offering

Do you have an accredited investors lead list in hand, along with a fantastic investment opportunity? Great. Now it’s time to pick up the phone and start selling, but wait… do you know what you’re selling? I mean really know it?

If not, you need to pause and get to know your offering.

A lot of salespeople make the mistake of thinking that the right pitch and hype will be enough to sell an investment opportunity to an accredited investor. It’s true that the right pitch will get you in the door. But that’s where it stops – the door.

Accredited investors are typically experienced investors. They are in the top percentile of income earners in the country and they typically arrive in that place because they are educated and may have even made investments of their own. This is the opposite of a new investor in the stock market or the typically retiree who is living off of social security and a pension. While those people can be great investors in public offerings, they don’t qualify to invest in private deals, so you need to tailor your message and prepare for the audience you are trying to sell to.

Know your offering in and out. Read all of the brochures in detail, highlight the important parts and know where to find details that may not be so important to you, but could be incredibly important to a particular investor. Using things like tabs can help you to flip to the right page and find information while on the phone, for example.

You Need to Be the Expert

Doing your research and knowing where to find information is the first step in becoming an expert of your offering. You should also become an expert in the industry and know what is happening that could influence your offering. For example, are their regulatory concerns you need to watch for? Can your offering be impacted by storms or other environmental issues? Is there a competitor people may read about in the news? There is a good chance that an accredited investor will do their research and ask about these things. If they know more about the industry, competitors or the risks than you do, they won’t trust you and won’t invest with you.

Bottom line – you need to be the expert so that trust can be established and an accredited investor will want to invest with you.

You need to know what you are selling, what the value of your offering is and the details of what can be found in your prospectus etc.

Are You Ready to Sell? You Need an Accredited Investor Lead List

After you have taken the time to do your research, it is time to start calling and start selling. Do you have an accredited investor lead list already? If not, we can help.

Order your sales leads today by giving John a call at 561-239-0364.

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