How to Sell to Accredited Investors Tip 4: Create a Strong Sales Pitch

How to Sell to Accredited Investors Tip 4: Create a Strong Sales Pitch

Do you have a strong sales pitch? You’ll need one if you plan on selling to accredited investors. These are savvy people who are usually educated and successful. You will need to convince them quickly that you are someone they want to do business with.

How to Create a Strong Sales Pitch

Here are some tips to help you improve your sales pitch prior to calling accredited investors.

#1 Get to the point

Your sales pitch should be direct and to the point. You could have seconds to make your case so make them count. Lead with how you can benefit them. People like to hear their own name and they like to know what you can do for them. That is the most important thing that matters so get it out right away.

#2 Demonstrate the benefit to them

Show how your opportunity benefits the investor personally. To do so you will need to know about their personal goals or fears so that you can show how your opportunity addresses them. If you don’t have this level of knowledge yet, try to be as specific as possible regarding the overall benefit. For example, if this is an investment that will pay out over the next fifty years tell them that they won’t have to worry about their financial future or their kid’s financial future. Make it personal.

#3 Make them worry about losing out on the deal

You need to make the opportunity time bound so they have a fear of missing out. Otherwise, they will have no motivation for making a decision before the opportunity closes. Plus, behavioral economics has found that a fear of loss is more powerful than the idea of winning.

#4 Know your value proposition

What is the value of your offering? Why should people even consider it? Make a list of the words associated with your offering to come up with a. value proposition. Include it in your pitch, or at least use the most powerful words from it. Remember that if you don’t know the value of your offering, an investor never will.

#5 Show them why they should trust you

A good sales pitch should make someone interested and also feel as though they can trust you, or at least want to. What can you tell them about the company, the deal or yourself that would inspire trust? Is the company fifty years old? Does the founder have a PhD? Has the board served on Fortune 500 companies, etc.? Whatever it is that makes the company or you trustworthy needs to be included in the pitch so that an accredited investor knows you are not a fly by night company but are someone they want to trust and do business with.

Order an Accredited Investor Lead List

Now that you have created a strong sales pitch, you need a list of investors to call. You can get one quickly by calling us. We can provide you with something most list brokers can’t – a list of accredited investors. Order your sales leads today by giving John a call at 561-239-0364.

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