How to Sell to Accredited Investors

How to Sell to Accredited Investors

Do you have an investment opportunity and need to speak with accredited investors? If so, you first need an accredited investors lead list with their contact information. Since no one waives a flag in the air advertising their accreditation status, this is by far the best way to find them. Then, once you have a leads list, you need to know how to sell to these savvy investors. Here’s our tips!

4 Tips: How to Sell to Accredited Investors

We have been in the business for over twenty years and know what it takes to sell to accredited investors. Most importantly we know where to find them. Here are some tips for you to try –

#1 Buy an accredited investor lead list

This is the most important step and absolutely critical. Accredited investors are hard to find. Because someone has to meet the income and asset threshold established by the SEC, a very small percentage of the general population qualifies to be accredited. Even people who want to invest may not meet this standard so creating your own list of accredited investors can take forever. By the time you’re done, the opportunity may have closed. To prevent this, call John at 561-239-0364 to order a list of accredited investors.

#2 Know the ins and outs of your offering or product

You need to know what you are selling, what the value of your offering is and the details of what can be found in your prospectus etc. Remember that accredited investors are very successful people. They are typically savvy investors who have invested in the past. They will know far more than your average person so to impress them, you need to know your stuff! Otherwise, they won’t trust you and you will have lost the deal from the get go.

#3 Understand the needs of your investors

#4 Create a strong sales pitch

Sure, you have a great opportunity, but what does that have to do with the investors you are calling? Remember that a sales call is not about you. It’s about them. What are their goals, ambitions, or fears? Ask questions to find out and then show the investor how your opportunity can either help them to achieve a dream or to ease their fears for the future.

Your sales pitch should be direct and to the point, while also showing how your opportunity benefits the investor personally. You also need to make the opportunity time bound so they have a fear of missing out. Otherwise, they will have no motivation for making a decision before the opportunity closes.

Buy Accredited Investor Leads and Start Selling!

If you have a hot opportunity, now is the right time to reach investors. Don’t wait another day to order your list of accredited investors because another day represents sales and dollars lost. Remember, if you aren’t closing these investors, someone else is.

Order your sales leads today by giving John a call at 561-239-0364.

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