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Last Updated on September 19, 2018 by John Fischer

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Hi, everybody, my name is John Fischer. Welcome to Hey, one of the things that we specialize in at is precious metal leads. We have two groups. We have the people that have bought IRA gold.

And, by the way, I only sell client lists. The client lists are people that went out of business. I will not sell you a list of someone that’s open unless I have proof that, you know, I negotiated with the guy and he sold me the list. But, be very, very careful when you buy precious metal leads. There’s a lot of fed-exes out there, you know, hijacked fed-exes of guys that just bought coins. It’s not very smart to play, “Aw, yeah, it’s a great lead.” But guess what? The guy who’s getting his client that he just got two or three days ago hijacked, he’s going to get pissed off and he’s going to get to the bottom of it. And I happen to know that there’s a lot of stuff going on right now like that. A hot potato, do not buy anything from a firm that’s not officially shut down.

Now, these IRA firms that are shut down, and then we have the numismatic coin firms that have been shut down. We’ve got some good stuff. We’ve got one particular file… And what we do is we tele-match our stuff. We have a way of professionally pinging a phone line like you ping a computer to find out if it’s a good number or if it’s a bad number. So, we recently got this one particular file, 7,500 names, guess what? After I pinged them and after I cleaned them up, I only got 3,000. I lost 4,500 leads to disconnect wrong numbers. You know what? When you sell a list like that, you piss a customer off. He just sees the disconnects. He doesn’t even want to hear about it. He doesn’t understand that “Hey, you know what, when I do get a hold of somebody, I got a shot.” So, we take that step. We clean them up for you.

I have another one I bought, 8,000 names. By the time I cleaned them up, I ended up with 4,200. You know, when a firm’s been open for six years and they shut down, all those customers back those, you know, to back six years, some of them passed away, some of them changed their number. So anytime you buy a client list, it’s normal. You know, you say, “I want them fresh.” Well, you’re not getting fresh. That’s robbing somebody. You’re going to get a client list of people that were open two or three, four years, whatever it is.

What’s important is that the people I sell you, their phone numbers are working. That’s what’s important, not how old they are. He’s a buyer, and you know what, if he bought before, he’ll buy again, and right now… And, by the way, today is August 3rd, I gotta tell you, I’m liking the precious metals right now. As a matter of fact, if I was on the phone selling precious metals, I’d be kicking ass. It’s a nice time for you guys.

So, if you want precious metal leads, whether it’s numismatic coin buyers or IRA gold bullion buyers, give me a call, 561-981-8777. I’m John Fisher. Thanks for your time and God bless.

This investment niche is one of the most difficult to find targeted investors for. You might be able to find some left over investors from past precious metal leverage deal, but there is very little information that will tell you whether a certain investor is likely to be interested in gold or other precious metal deals. Investors tend to be polarized in regards to their views on precious metal investments; they either love them or hate them. If you are putting together a large precious metal private offering, you’ll not only need accredited investors, you’ll need to know that they are interested in gold and silver investments.

When you think about the cost of investment-sized sums of precious metals, you’re going to need accredited investors if you ever hope to raise enough investment capital. All of our precious metal leads are FTC-Compliant, SEC-certified accredited investors with a minimum annual salary of $250K+ and a net worth of over $1 million. Of the few accredited investors currently available in the United States, our precious metal leads are the only ones with the combined financial means and industry experience to make effective prospects for large precious metal investments.

Numismatic coin investors are even more specific than precious metal investors, and in turn harder to find. Numismatic coin investments require an investor to have a great deal of industry experience to recognize the value of certain mints, and it’s much harder to sell a precious metal investor on numismatic coins than the other way around. Numismatic coin investments are about so much more than the raw value of the coin’s metal, and it takes a very specific investor to know that value.

If you’re interested in the most targeted lead lists of numismatic investors available, then you’ve come to the right place. Our numismatic lead lists consist of investors who have not only expressed interest in precious metal investment offerings, but also numismatic offerings specifically. Our data shows these accredited investors past investments, how much they spent, and in some cases shows the specific coin(s) they purchased. As far as targeted lists go, this is the most effective group of numismatic coin investors you could hope to find.

If you are ready to get your Private Placement Memorandum into the hands of top investors eager to jump on the investment, call 561-239-0364 or fill out a quote form today.

Gold and Silver Leads

Welcome to I want to talk about gold and silver leads. The type of leads we buy are people that have bought either bullion through an IRA, bullion straight out, or numismatic coins. So with the exception of maybe 9,000 leads that are people from 2014 that called in off the TV spot, we’ve got another 9,000 that did buy. We’ve got another 12,000 that did buy. And then we’re sitting on four or five different companies that went out of business, and we have their client list.

Why did they go out of business? Minnesota has recently had some really big rule changes as far as the numismatic coin industry and pretty much has made it almost impossible to do business in Minnesota. These firms, of course, had to go out of business. They go out of business, they sell their assets, they look up list broker, and there I am with the big check. They work really well. And the best thing about these leads are that I’ve been on the phone for 40 years, and I would much rather talk to someone that has bought before than someone that has looked at a TV commercial, or someone that went to the Internet and said, “Hey, I’d like to take a look at your package,” or whatever. There’s nothing like a check writer, there’s nothing like a guy who bought before. And that’s how these leads work.

So if you’re doing any kind of a precious metal deal, specifically oil and gas through bullion, we can kick ass for you. Numismatic coins, we can kick ass for you. And people just flat out buying bullion, we’ve got them. And they’re not small people. They’re 10,000 minimum guys. So believe me, when it comes to precious metals leads, precious metals lists, numismatic coin leads, numismatic coin lists, guess what? We’ve got them. Any questions, call me. John Fischer 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.