Precious Metal Leads

Precious Metal Leads

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by John Fischer

Precious metal leads serve as essential components within various industries, acting as conduits for electrical conductivity, thermal dissipation, and corrosion resistance. These leads are predominantly crafted from noble metals such as gold, silver, and platinum due to their remarkable properties. Gold, renowned for its unparalleled conductivity and resistance to oxidation, finds extensive use in high-end electronic devices and aerospace applications. Silver, with its excellent thermal conductivity and affordability, is prevalent in electrical wiring and circuitry. Platinum, prized for its exceptional durability and chemical stability, is indispensable in demanding environments like medical implants and automotive catalysts. These metals, coveted for their intrinsic value and functional attributes, form the backbone of modern technology and industry, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and longevity across a spectrum of applications. As the demand for advanced technologies continues to surge, the significance of precious metal leads remains paramount in driving innovation and progress.

Precious Metal Leads

Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to Even though precious metal leads have nothing to do with, you guys still like to use accredited investors for precious metal deals. And I don’t blame you. I would much rather use a guy who’s got 25 to $50,000 and believe me, I have sold a lot of precious metals in my lifetime, than use a guy who’s buying a coin for 6 or $700 maybe 3,000 if you’re lucky.

So yes, accredited investors do work for the precious metals market. I have to tell you, I had one of the biggest numismatic coin guys in Minnesota before all the craziness went down there. He survived, and he’s still open. We don’t do business anymore. He’s very, very small, and he’s pretty much working on his book. He’s not looking for new clientele but, he built a tremendous database of books and when everybody else was buying numismatic coin and precious metal leads, he was buying oil and gas leads. Yeah, you may have to educate some of those people, but guess what, they’re not getting pounded by a million coin guys and I just shifted two of my guys over to oil and gas leads, my coin guys and they’re knocking them dead. My sales have increased dramatically, they’re moving big volumes.

Don’t panic, I’ve got over 300,000 names but I’m just telling you; if you’re looking for precious metal leads, you really, really should get accredited investors. We sell for a dollar apiece, $1,000 minimum. If you want a discount, if you buy 5,000, we sort them out into 5 different files. A file is an indicator of who I bought them from. So let’s say I bought them from ABC Oil and Gas, we call that PPCrema you know, ABC or whatever. So each one, each file has a different characteristic based on the room and how well those people qualify their people if you understand.

If you have any other additional questions, call me John Fischer, at 561-981-8777 and yes we do sell precious metal leads. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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