Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Hi everybody! And welcome to Precious metals, I hope you’re not looking for chromium, manganese or hope you not looking for– I don’t know what you’re looking for, but precious metals– what we do have is precious metals buyers, IRA precious metal buyers, we have straight out bullion buyers and we have numismatic coin buyers. In this particular arena we only buy client lists. So, every single guy that I have in my database had written a check, for even the IRA, we have a date stamp and time stamps or he bought bullion or he bought numismatic coins.
So, anything to do with precious metals, we have the right leads– and by the way, you’re not limited to just 100,000 lead, because I’ve got a million accredited investors, that are good for oil and gas, real estate, crypto, marijuana and the bottom line is they work perfectly for precious metals.

Most of my numismatic coin guys have gotten away from those, hammered out– pointless, which by the way still put out good numbers, I got two lists that consistently, people close five percent of that list, coin buyers are crazy, they’re like squirrels, they’re looking for shiny things they like to put in their safe, and you’re selling a different coin than somebody else, they’re a good buyer.

But the oil and gas guy, he’s got 25,000, he’s going to spend a lot more money and you know what, you may have to educate him, but once he buys, he’s going to buy three, five, ten times more than your normal accredited– excuse me, numismatic coin buyer or bullion buyer would buy.

So again, Precious metals, everything in the house works perfectly for– we’ve been in business 28 years, we have an A+ rating of a one man operation, I just saw a lot of silver and gold– I mean I use to love it– I love the precious metals, I know it’s boring, watching them sitting around, but guess what now, one day they take off and it’s just dear God! It’s crazy, and I’ve been through a couple of those big runs.

You have any questions feel free to call me, for all your precious metal needs, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.


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