Acccredited Investors Video

Last Updated on July 12, 2016 by John Fischer


Accredited Investor Video

 Accredited Investors President John Fischer discusses his services in our latest video:

Using Accredited investor leads is the best way to get the results you want as a financial service professional.

Finding individuals and groups who are interested and willing to do business with an investor is a difficult task. Its even harder when you spend time and money gathering leads that turn out to be of no use or value. A better strategy is to work only with those leads that you know will yield the right outcome.

Accredited investors generally give associate degree quantity of capital that meets the requirements of smaller businesses. The average investment in a seed or start-up company by capital companies is comparatively large — $2.6 million. The common investment by accredited investors in all stages of companies is $339,725. Friends and family most likely can’t or don’t want to take the risk of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business. accredited investors accept this risk in exchange for the potentially high return on investment they will earn if the company succeeds.