Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by John Fischer

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Hi, my name is John Fisher. Welcome to By the way, if you see my beautiful face on a video, we’ve got about 50 websites up. Yeah it’s me, and they’re all my companies and yeah, we can do something similar for you. We’ve learned from the school of hard knocks. We own concierge JCL Services and guess what, we’re our best customer. But from all the stuff that we have learned, we are gonna be good when we finally start offering our services to guys like you. But it can’t be investment related. We can’t do anything that’s investment related and I’ll talk about that some other time.

But let’s talk about the PayPal portal. Never ever ever give a list broker your credit card information. I’ve got one gentleman who I brought in from…somebody ripped off my database and I depositioned the guy who single-handedly saw the actual whole thing go down. And I depositioned him and find out that they took one of my customer’s credit cards and bought ten iPads. That’s not very very cool and you know what, it was kind of like karma that my client was dumb enough to buy from some idiot out in California and that’s what he got. But the bottom line is, you know what, you don’t give your credit card information to any list broker. It’s a recipe for disaster.

PayPal once in awhile can be a problem, but guess what. PayPal is a portal where we never see your credit card information. You go to my website, it says, “Pay here.” You punch in the information, you punch in whatever it is. We never see anything. You hit that button, and boom, I get paid and the transaction is a secure transaction. You know, with all the hacking, all the craziness we’re seeing, somehow PayPal has kept its stuff together. So the bottom line is when you take a look at making any kind of a payment for any kind of product, whether it’s leads or whatever, that PayPal portal and that PayPal is the best way to go. I love PayPal. I gotta tell you something. I would never do business with any kind of a credit card processing company. PayPal is my hero, man. Those guys really take care of me and they take care of my customers and they take care of like one of the biggest, you know, issues in this business, and that’s payment.

So again, never ever ever, there’s a guy locally who just hit his customers, five different credit cards, five different customers, just needed money and just went into their credit card numbers, pulled it out. You will be okay, the bank will cover it and, I don’t know, the banks don’t seem to care, just part of what, I guess it’s doing business. But you know what, let’s not take any chances. Use that PayPal portal. You’ll see “Pay now,” “Make payment,” whatever, and it’s for your convenience. So I hope I cleared things up for you. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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