High Net Worth Investors

Last Updated on September 19, 2018 by John Fischer

You know why I’m on here right now? Because someone punched into Google high net worth investors. What are a high net-worth investors? I don’t care about high net-worth. What I care about is that he is an accredited investor. So, an accredited investor has to make at least$200,000 a year, for the last two years, have to have a net-worth of at least $1 million dollars, not including his home, and has to have experience in managing his personal portfolio. So, when you’re asking for high net worth investors, what is high net-worth? We don’t know what a high net-worth is. The accredited investor is a million, not including his home. The qualified accredited investor, which you use for hedge funds, and you use for master private-placements, is quarter million minimum, and they must have five million in investable assets, as opposed to the regular accredited investor that has to have just a million net worth, not including his home.

So, when you’re looking for accredited-investor leads, understand the difference between an accredited investor and a qualified accredited investor. I hope I kinda like straightened that out for you. And, yes, we have those for sale. A matter of fact, we specialize in both. The PP Crema stands for private-placement; the crema stands for the ‘cream of the crop’. The Big Dogs are the qualified accredited investor. Best leads in the country; we’ve had them for four years now. They’re five dollars apiece; the PP Crema are a dollar apiece. Thousand dollar minimum. For every thousand-dollar leads that you buy, we give you a hundred big dogs for free. Why? Cuz once you taste ‘em, you’re gonna come back, and that’s all you’re gonna buy. One caution about the Big Dogs- they’re smart, they’re sophisticated; if you give ‘em to a B broker, they’ll eat him for dinner. This guy’s gonna do his due diligence; this guy’s super sharp, and unless you’re giving him the top one or two guys in your company, those Big Dogs should not be given to a B broker; http://AccreditedInvestors.net 800-590-5323