High Net Worth Investors

You know why I’m on here right now? Because someone punched into Google high net worth investors. What are a high net-worth investors? I don’t care about high net-worth. What I care about is that he is an accredited investor. So, an accredited investor has to make at least$200,000 a year, for the last two years, have to have a net-worth of at least $1 million dollars, not including his home, and has to have experience in managing his personal portfolio. So, when you’re asking for high net worth investors, what is high net-worth? We don’t know what a high net-worth is. The accredited investor is a million, not including his home. The qualified accredited investor, which you use for hedge funds, and you use for master private-placements, is quarter million minimum, and they must have five million in investable assets, as opposed to the regular accredited investor that has to have just a million net worth, not including his home.

So, when you’re looking for accredited-investor leads, understand the difference between an accredited investor and a qualified accredited investor. I hope I kinda like straightened that out for you. And, yes, we have those for sale. A matter of fact, we specialize in both. The PP Crema stands for private-placement; the crema stands for the ‘cream of the crop’. The Big Dogs are the qualified accredited investor. Best leads in the country; we’ve had them for four years now. They’re five dollars apiece; the PP Crema are a dollar apiece. Thousand dollar minimum. For every thousand-dollar leads that you buy, we give you a hundred big dogs for free. Why? Cuz once you taste ‘em, you’re gonna come back, and that’s all you’re gonna buy. One caution about the Big Dogs- they’re smart, they’re sophisticated; if you give ‘em to a B broker, they’ll eat him for dinner. This guy’s gonna do his due diligence; this guy’s super sharp, and unless you’re giving him the top one or two guys in your company, those Big Dogs should not be given to a B broker; http://AccreditedInvestors.net 800-590-5323

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