Investor Leads for Sale

Last Updated on June 12, 2017 by John Fischer

Hey, everybody. John Fischer, The reason we’re having this video is I wanna show you some of the tricks of the trade. You know, when you go to Google, Bing or Yahoo! and you punch in whatever it is you’re looking for, sometimes you gotta be careful. If you’re doing a private-placement, a Reg D 504, 505, 506 B as in boy,or the 506 Charlie, or the Super A, whatever it is, crowdfunding, most of the time, it requires accredited investors. And if you go into Google or Bing or Yahoo! and you punch in ‘investor lead’ or ‘investor leads for sale’ or ‘investor leads’, you gotta be careful because you’re not asking if the guy’s accredited. A lot of the stockbroker-type leads are the five thousand, ten thousand-what we call ‘pikers’, little, tiny guys, they’re not accredited, and if you buy that type of .list, that would be kinda like a infoUSA, type of a phonebook- it’s what we call modeled information- zip plus 4 average, they take everybody in that particular zipcode, and then take their net worth, their income, their age, household value or whatever, and then they’re bunching it as average and they are all given this particular number. And they’re about 16% accurate, and they do not work, ok? They do not work.

What we do is sell accredited investors. And what is different with my stuff is they have been spoken to and vetted by a broker. So be very, very careful when you’re using a loose term, although it’s a general term- and it’s probably one of the biggest keywords that people use- you must be more specific. And I would make sure and I would caution that you use that word ‘accredited’. Make sure, if you do ask a guy for an investor lead or investor leads for sale, or I’m looking for an investor, ask him: Hey, the guy has to be accredited. Is he accredited? And that will help you out a lot because, you know what, a lot of people call me up. They say they bought some leads. They asked for investor leads, and all of a sudden found out that three quarters of the people were not even accredited. Hopefully, this tip will help you out a lot and save you a lot of money. My name is John Fischer. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, call me: 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

Hey everybody. Welcome to My name is John Fischer. I’m the owner of the company. What I want to address today is investor leads for sale. Let’s talk about an investor lead.

What is an investor lead? It’s a name, an address, and a phone number of a person that’s an investor. They can be qualified accredited investor, they can be accredited investor, or they could just be investor. Let’s talk about those three. A qualified accredited investor is someone that has at least a quarter million dollars in risk capital. It’s someone that has at least $5 million in investable assets.

Usually the qualified accredited investor is used for hedge funds or used for what we call a master private placement. The Big Dogs, which happens to be a brand name of leads that we sell, they’re $5 a piece, and they’re exactly that. They’re a quarter million minimum, they have at least five million in invest-able assets, and they really, really are the best lead in the country. You want to check out that particular lead source. It’s, like in television.

Next is accredited investor. The accredited investor has to make at least $200,000 income for the last two years or $300,000 combined, or million net worth, not including his home, and experience in managing his personal portfolio. The accredited investors fall under the PP Crema. The PP stands for private placement. The Crema stands for the cream of the crop. It’s not the village bike.

The village bike’s the crap they sell out in California and on the west coast, been ridden by everybody. Same names over and over again. They don’t even suppress against previous orders. I’m not badmouthing the competition. I’m telling it like it is. You don’t want to buy a lead from anyone in California, especially anyone in Illinois and Chicago.

The investor lead. The problem I have with the word investor lead is many of these private places, many of these investments require the investor to be accredited. You got to be careful. When you’re saying, “I’m looking for investor leads,” you better make sure that whoever you talk to, understands that either you’re doing a private placement or that you’re not doing a private placement and you may be a stock broker or just want some guy to invest 10, 20, 15, 30, whatever. The accredited investor is for the private placement arena. You’re doing a Reg D 504, 505, 506, or the Reg D 506c as in Charlie. Or you’re doing the crowd funding, which may or may not require an accredited investor.

Remember to specify that word “accredited.” If you don’t care about them being accredited and you’re not doing a private placement and you’re just looking for investor leads. You’re selling gold. You’re selling silver. You’re selling stocks or anything like that. Then you can just use the word “investor lead.”

Let’s get it clear. Accredited investor leads, $200,000 income, million net worth, not including your home, experience in managing your personal portfolio. The qualified accredited investor, used for hedge funds, used for master private placements, that’s a quarter million minimum per unit and he has to have at least five million in invest-able assets. The investor lead, just investor lead, I don’t know. $5,000, $10,000 guy.

You’re pitching stock, you’re selling some kind of an investment. I hope I cleared all that stuff up for you, but really be specific when you call this broker up into what type of investor lead you’re really looking for. Is he accredited, is he qualified accredited, or just a plain old investor. Have a good day. My name is John Fischer. If you have any questions, call me. 561-981-8777.