Finding Qualified Investors For Each Reg D Rule

Finding Qualified Investors For Each Reg D Rule

Finding Qualified Investors For Each Reg D Rule

Last Updated on October 25, 2018 by John Fischer

Qualified investors come in all shapes and sizes and can offer very different kinds of resources. Depending on the growth stage of the company, different kinds of investors are called upon to provide the necessary capital to help the business take off or expand.

Initial Investors Have Relaxed Qualifications

Early on in the development stage of a new company, it is usually standard investors like friends or family who are called upon to make some kind of investment. They become the first investors in the company by offering money, time, or brute labor to get things going. This is often referred to as the “seed” stage of a company’s development. During this important stage of development, the company is working to develop a solid business model and keeping their ideas from leaking out to the public.

This kind of initial investment is undertaken in what is sometimes known as “stealth mode”. The company is operating under the radar, so SEC regulations do not apply just yet. However, once your company is ready to legitimize and break out of this phase, it’s important to consider new options. You’ll need to start making contacts with proven accredited investors or contact a reputable firm who can provide you with a list of leads for accredited investors who are ready to help get your operation to the next phase.

Each Reg D Rule Has Unique Qualifications For Investors

Federal laws governing the sale of securities get very specific about where these types of offerings are to be made and how they must be offered. SEC Regulation D Rule 506(B) allows your company to advertise the offering to any investor who is interested, but you must make certain that all documentation is provided in advance and is open to scrutiny. Conversely, Rule 506(C) states that you can only solicit your offering to accredited investors, but in this case the responsibility to affirm accreditation lies with the investor. If you want to be absolutely certain that your offering meets all federal requirements while staying attractive to qualified investors, give us a call.

For example, if you’re ready to create a serious oil and gas investment offering, you’ll want to make sure it meets the expectations of qualified investors. We know the market and would be happy to give your offering a full analysis and match you with the right investors. There’s no sense in leaving anything to chance. We offer this service because we’re passionate about making sure you can get the most value possible out of your lead lists.

We’re Here To Help

It doesn’t stop there. We have qualified investors for oil and gas offerings, precious metal and numismatic coin offerings, real estate offerings, and many more. The right investor is out there waiting for you; we want to help you make the connection.

Have no doubts, there are investors out there right now requesting information on offerings, anxious to make a big move on the right opportunity. That’s where we come in. Our leads are among the best in the business. We inspect each contender and keep accurate records about what kind of investments they’re interested in. When trying to build relationships with qualified investors who can make things happen, you want to move forward with confidence, but, most importantly, you want to show your new contacts that you’re not wasting their time. You’ve contacted them because you know what they’re interested in, and you know what kinds of markets they want to be involved in. We can provide the information you need to make long-term relationships with qualified investors who can keep generating value.