How to Reach Accredited Investors for Private Placements

Last Updated on June 12, 2017 by John Fischer


Finding the Right Accredited Investors
for Private Placement Investments

Leads Lists of Accredited Investors



How Do You Reach Accredited Investors? And What’s a Private Placement?

A “Private Placement” is a Reg D 504, 505, 506. The 504 is $1 million or less; the 505 is $1 Million to $5 million; the 506 is $5 million plus. So, Reg D, it’s a private placement. Now you’ve got the Reg D 506 C – that’s the one you don’t have to have a pre-existing relationship. The 504, 505 and 506 B –  you do have to have a pre-existing relationship. So when you tell me, “Hey, John. I’m looking for a private placement list.” You’re not asking me for a list of different private placements. You’re asking me for a list of investors interested in a private placement investment or a private equity offering. Or what you’re really asking for (because a private placement requires accredited investors) and a better key phrase to punch into Google is “accredited investor leads“.  A list of accredited investors is synonymous to a private placement list.


What Requirements Are Necessary To Be Classified As An Accredited Investor?

1)Accredited investors had to have made at least $200,000 a year for the last two years;  2)Have $1 million net-worth (not including their home) and 3)Experience in managing their personal portfolio.

Those are the only type of investor leads we offer here at So, if you’re looking for “private placement leads, “lists”, singular “list”, “lead”, whatever; there’s all kinds of variations to it. It’s the same exact thing. You’re looking for an accredited investor and we sell accredited investor leads right here. is a division of Inc and we’ve been in business for 27 years with an A+ rating and no complaints. We’ve got the best investor leads in the business. Any questions, call me- John Fischer: 561-981-8777 or toll free 800-590-5323. You may also submit  your request for quote using the form to the right for more information on private placement leads or even chat with me right here online. Thank you for your time, and God bless.



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