Oil and Gas Investors

Oil and Gas Investors

Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by John Fischer

Hi, my name is John Fischer, welcome to accreditedinvestors.net. Let’s talk about oil and gas investors; you know we started the company on that and we had nothing but oil and gas guys we buy their paper. Paper being the people that they vetted mailed out a private place a memorandum to qualify the guy 25 to 50 and that’s 31 years that’s what we did. We still do the same exactly we’ve done a little bit of diversification, we only sell accredited investors we only sell numismatic coin buyers and bullion buyers and that’s because that happens to be tangible.

The accredited side is because you know what the guy’s sophisticated he’s a millionaire hopefully he knows what he’s doing and I won’t sell any other kind of a lead you’ll see I don’t sell anything else no 65 years plus no warranty no nothing. You know I just want to deal with accredited investor; sophisticated smart has money and the tangible buyer. He gets an ounce of gold even if they double the price of gold he still has a coin that’s worth an ounce of gold and you know that’s tangible. So the oil and gas investor happens to be a very strong lead for the simple reason that  there used to be a lot of them now there’s not a lot of them, but again there’s a few oil and gas guys left that are out there.

oil and gas investors

When we got these oil and gas leads what we were looking for is someone to vet them so I don’t care you know people say well oil and gas leads don’t work for real estate. I mean you know I hear some stuff like that that I want to smack people when they make those like where did you get that from how many years you’ve been on the phone and what you’ve been like taking statistics on that I mean I hate these selling post limitations. Let me tell you something a qualified investor is a qualified investor the guy’s got 50,000 and he’s an accredited investor he’ll buy anything if you do your job and sell them correctly that’s it that’s how it works.

Now, do some people like oil and gas guys prefer doing oil and gas, will an oil and gas guy buy a tech deal? You know what I’m saying; will an oil gas guy buy marijuana he’s from Kentucky you know? What I’m saying to you is don’t make generalizations like that I bring you an accredited investor what you do is turn them into a customer and that’s how it works. My guys are accredited if the guy’s not accredited if he’s not qualified what you do is you bring it back to me, disconnect, wrong number or idiot and I replace them two for one but you know the oil and gas investors are dynamite and they’ve been a big source of business for us.

 I sell them 50 cents apiece 1,000 minimum and if you have a san number I’ll scrub for, you if you don’t have a san number I’ll get you one and if you don’t want to get a sand number you’ll sign my indemnity which makes you fully responsible I. will not sell leads without an indemnity letter that’s your responsibility I’m not selling them I’m not calling them that’s your job. We do have 1.3 million litigators and let me tell you that’s a great list that no one else has, I spent a lot of money on that and your competitor will never tell you about a litigators.

My competitor by the way he’ll never tell you about Pennsylvania, he’ll never tell you if you’re selling oil and gas don’t call Colorado he won’t tell you if you’re selling numismatic coins to the hell out of Minnesota, he won’t tell you hey since last June you don’t want to be calling California anymore, now they want me to put a portal and let the California citizen look into my website and see if I’m selling his name and opt out could you imagine 240 million people on the do not call you know I would be very happy if I find out you’re selling my information and I’m on the do not call if that’s not a can of worms I’ve never heard of a can of worms I don’t know it’s something brand new and I really don’t like California to begin with I think it’s going to slide into the ocean one day good riddance if it doesn’t get blown away by a fire or earthquake. I don’t like California I’m sorry I just don’t you know that’s my problem.

The bottom line is that oil and gas investors are dynamite and we sell them we’ve been selling them here for 31 years A+ rating you got any questions feel free to call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.