Private Placement

Private Placement

Last Updated on January 26, 2021 by John Fischer

Everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to So let’s talk about private placements or private placement. A private placement is a vehicle so if I wanted to take to the next level hypothetically I could do a reg d 504 raise a million dollars to go to friends and family and I could go ahead without a stockbroker with the right paperwork I could raise that money I don’t have to be a stockbroker. Then I could take that million-dollar infuse it into my company and take it to the next level, if I wanted to do something bigger than that I’ve got another company called and I really wanted to take that company to the next level and compete with rob report or the DuPont registry. I would do a reg d506c and uh and raise that 5 million be able to solicit not have to go to his friends and family only I could solicit that. I could actually go into own the leads that I sell and raise that money I’m not into that I’m doing just fine with what I need as far as making these companies run and work. The bottom line is private placement in an easy way to explain it to you is an investment vehicle.

Now the 506 c which is the newest thing that came out a few years ago that one you’re allowed to solicit and that one there is is the one with the least leeway but they have bigger enforcement of the person being accredited so there’s some kind of litmus tests that have been having to be done to guarantee that the guy’s an accredited investor. On the other side the reg d 504 which is just a million or less uh it’s friends and family you know for the first 30 days after that there’s a cooling-off period. Let’s just say for instance I met a friend on the golf course and he’s with another buddy and he invested with me in this private placement. I’d have to wait 30 days (what they call a calling off period) before he could invest so it gets a little complicated. I’ve never really seen that calling off period be a problem but you know there are gray areas and all kinds of stuff.

I got to tell you the 506 c was designed for a reason and that’s to streamline it and to really bring the most up-to-date vehicle possible. What we sell is the accredited investors that invest in these things they have to be accredited they’ve been spoken to by a broker-dealer they’ve been vetted they’ve been read the definition of an accredited investor they’ve asked them as 25 to 50,000 comfortable entry-level and they mailed them a private placement memorandum we call them the pp crema stands for private placement the crema stands for the cream of the crop and we sell those for 50 cents apiece.

The bottom line is that uh the leads of dynamite I mean we’ve been doing this for 31 years we have an A+ rating uh nothing is perfect five percent of what we saw is probably you know not going to be good stuff. Any disconnect wrong numbers any idiots we replace two for one. We have 1.3 million professional litigators that we pull out we’ve been accumulating those people every time we see a court case every time a customer calls up and says John get rid of this guy he’s a real idiot or he’s a real troublemaker or whatever boom he goes bye. That litigator list we don’t sell: Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii and we stopped selling California on June 15th last year. We won’t do it you know they want me to put a portal they want me to allow California citizens to come into my website and to see if I’m on there do not call us and opt-out. We’ve been doing this too long to be stupid like that I’d rather just not sell California, I don’t like California anyway so and Pennsylvania. Oh my god, so you gotta understand something by doing business with me number one you’ve got 1.3 million troublemakers that I’m not selling you. I’m not so greedy that I would shove Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, and California down your throat just to make that extra money.

I’ve got 50,000 California leads I don’t want to lose that money so let me push the risk on you, no I don’t want to do that I want to keep your checkbook open so you can send me more checks and buy more leads from me that’s the right thing to do. My competitors with all due respect maybe a handful or not but most of them are clueless they don’t even know what a litigator is and you know what they never tell you hey I’m not going to sell you Pennsylvania. They’re not going to save your selling numismatic coins or precious metals you’re not calling Minnesota, they’re not going to tell you to stay the hell out of Pennsylvania or if you’re an oil and gas guy Colorado is not a smart state to be called because there is no witch hunt for on the gas guys. This is the kind of stuff you learn when you’re sitting where I’m sitting and trust me as a list broker for 31 years you hear a lot of information. Leads are 50 cents apiece a dollar excuse me a thousand dollar minimum if you have a san number with scrub, if you don’t have a san number we’ll get one get you, one if you don’t want a san number you’ll sign my indemnity. Other than that you have any questions and you’re interested in the private placement leads call me 561-239-0364 thanks.