Oil And Gas Investors Eyeing Canada

Oil And Gas Investors Eyeing Canada

Oil And Gas Investors Eyeing Canada

Last Updated on May 17, 2017 by John Fischer

Canadian oil and gas industries are taking off, and accredited oil and gas investors are taking interest and plunking down fortunes in order to participate. Extracting natural gas from shale (rocks) has been growing in popularity in the US since 2000. Since there has been much speculation in this area, new technologies are developing that promise to lower costs and yield more resources. Among these are hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. In addition to these developing technologies, creative extraction strategies and continental operations are helping to mitigate the costs of business in these industries. It’s easier (and less expensive) to do business with Canada than some of the more hotly contested parts of the world.

Economic forces have had a hand in growing these industries. Sources forecast that fluctuations in the value of the Canadian dollar and rising gas prices have started some chain reactions to fuel competition and spark innovation. When these forces meet the rising interest in natural gas production, the industry responds in order to capitalize. More investment in evolving techniques like “fracking” leads to a refinement of extraction. Natural gas yields have increased as a result, rising 30-50% above previous years. This means higher profits for accredited oil and gas investors.

It seemed inevitable that oil and gas speculation in the US would eventually lead to partnership with Canadian producers. A good chunk of the land being speculating on this side of the border stretches up into Southern Ontario. In 2010, when the oil and gas industries were in a bit of a slump, companies in Alberta were speculating in Ontario in the hope of starting a gas revolution. Now it seems that these interests are returning serious value to oil and gas investors. With yields rising higher and beating previous performance, creative shale gas operations are able to secure capital with greater ease. Accredited oil and gas investors have definitely taken notice.

Shale gas extraction is a relatively new thing alongside oil and coal. Only now are oil and gas investors becoming aware of the potential for capitalization within the Canadian shales. There are now up to 1,200 active wells in Ontario. The Transcanada Corporation, based in Calgary, is one the entities most actively involved in the ethical and practical extraction of these resources. This company is operating with $55 billion in assets including power plants supplying 11,800 megawatts of electricity, new technology including hydro/solar/wind, and pipelines that stretch across North America.

There are a number of important shale formations in Canada beyond those in Ontario that oil and gas investors have been watching closely. Utica Shale in Quebec holds high potential yields. Testing of wells in this area fostered new growth and attracted the interest of Forest Oil Corp. Exploration continues. Muskwa Shale in British Columbia recently captured the attention of the US Energy Information Administration, who estimated that up to 145 trillion cubic feet may be available for extraction. A formation marked as an “emerging play” is Duvernay Shale. This rock formation may have been overlooked were it not for the high yields made in a similar formation in Texas. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling both have been used to extract rich resources from these incredibly dense reserves. Companies who have been involved in extracting from this kind of shale may be of particular interest: they include EnCana Corporation, Talisman Energy, Royal Dutch Shell, Husky Energy, and Chevron.

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