Qualified Investor

Qualified Investor

Last Updated on November 26, 2018 by John Fischer

Qualified investor. Hi! John Fischer, accreditedinvestors.net. What’s the hell is a qualified investor for God sakes? You know these are vague words, but you know why I use them on the internet? It’s because they’re what we call a key word, by the way, I own concierge SEO services and we have finally learned how to figure this whole SEO search engine optimization game and we don’t do pay per click, we stopped doing pay per click three years ago. I think I own Ihateppc.com I really do– I didn’t use it yet and you know what it’s a total rip-off.
You have to be very, very, careful about the keywords you use, now this is something that an unscrupulous SEO guy would say yes, let’s use that word, and you know what? It’s a good word, because it has a lot of traffic, qualified investors, but the bottom line is that– I mean how specific is it to a private placement, it’s not good enough, they have to be our credited investors. So, you know I get qualified investor a lot of times people say to me, what’s a qualified investor? And I’m like, I really don’t know.

I know what an accredited investor is, I know what a qualified accredited investor is, Let’s talk about that right now. A qualified accredited investor is the same rules as an accredited investor, but, he’s liquid for a quarter-million dollars in as capital and he must have 5 million in investable assets.

Now, you do it a hedge fund or if you’re doing what we call a master private placement, you’re only allowed to have qualified accredited investors, and we have big dogs, they have their own website, bigdogs.tv, but if you’re looking for qualified investor or investors, yes, everything we have is a qualified investor.

Any questions call me, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.


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