4 Ways to Attract Angel Investors

4 Ways to Attract Angel Investors

Last Updated on April 10, 2021 by John Fischer

Angel investors are critical for small and medium-sized businesses’ success. They provide more than just their money to the companies they are part of. They bestow their expertise, experience, skills, and connections on top of the money they invest. Here are four ways you can attract angel investorsĀ to your business.

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1. Work on Your Fundamentals

Great businesses are founded by great people. Angel investors look for inspirational leaders who can do more than just pitching an idea. They want someone who can provide sound risk-adjusted profits on the money invested.

It would be best if you had great strategic planning and execution to enable yourself to succeed. This is what attracts angel investors. Many startups lack the people who can deliver the results, thus failing to attract angel investors.

2. Pitch According to Your Audience

It is vital to pitch your business ideas to people to the group of angel investors. This might mean pitching to investors who are in a different state or city.

Domain expertise and networks in various sectors restrict the areas and business models angel investors put money in. This makes it important for startups to be aware of the industry dynamics and crucial business features to successfully attract angel investors. Startups using data to derive insights are better off in this regard.

3. Allow Them To Add Value

Angels investors are usually more hands-on with the business. They like to add value to the businesses they put money into so that they can benefit from a diversified portfolio. Startups can have angel investors on the board of directors, advisory board, or filling other roles such as introductions to new networks, providing guidance, and so on.

Angels can help with strategic decisions as well, such as hiring top-level employees or finding additional funding. Therefore, it is important to consider ways of value addition when attracting angel investors.

4. Do the Due Diligence

It is important to close the deal quickly. Say the angels liked your pitch; but it that enough to close the deal?

A lot of startups are not prepared to offer background information that endorses their business idea. This prolongs the due diligence phase. The best way to go about it is to offer an outline regarding pricing, product, financial and business models, leadership structures, and legal and regulatory elements among other considerations.

After you have provided all this information, angel investors will hold a few meetings to work out the project’s strengths and weaknesses before heading on to finalizing the deal.

For you to attract angel investors effectively, a good pitch is not enough on its own. Doing your due diligence for the process is even more important, as this is where a lot of deals break down.

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