Accredited Investor Lists

Accredited Investor Lists

Last Updated on August 29, 2018 by John Fischer

Hi! Everybody, welcome to, my name is John Fisher. We’re going to talk about accredited investor lists. So lists – lists is many numbers. A lead is a name, address, and a phone number. Leads is many leads, really weird words, but you know what, that’s what you guys do when you’re going to Google, when you punch them in, and this is what I do to market to you, you use what we call key words and why I have an itchy nose today, maybe because I’m making some money, I don’t know.

Anyway, accredited investor lists, is what we specialize in. These people have all been vetted by a broker dealer, have been mail a private – mailed a private placement memorandum. These brokers have skin in the game, they’re looking to make a 10% commission and there is no better lead than someone who was prospect of surveys by an oil and gas guy. And I got to tell you, with the price of crude being so cheap the last 6 months or a year, and that how they are. You know, we usually don’t get into stuff though after 6 months or a year, but I got to tell you, they busted their butts, they wanted to make money, tough to sell oil at 50, and thank God it’s sitting in the 70s right now. And I think it’s going to get better with assign Iranian thing and of course, with Mr. T being at the helm and being a nice guy and I’m glad too because; you know, when it’s time and we’re going to see a lot of volatility, and hopefully, everything is going to be all right so far so good. But what’s important to you on the gas guys as the price is finally going to come up and you’re going to finally have a viable product to sell and make the big money you used to make back in the old days.

I missed you guys, I lost almost half of you guys last year and it definitely hurt my business. So, if you’re looking for accredited investor lists, we have them, and it’s not just one company, many companies. Typically, I open up with a $2,500 or $5,000 leads, we dropped to 50 cents. I give you 1,250 times for different file. A file represents a specific oil and gas company, ABC oil and gas hypothetically. And then for every thousand dollars you spend you get 100 big dogs, and the big dogs are the biggest oil and gas deals in the country. They’re not just accredited, they’re qualified accredited, and we’ll talk about that some other time, but they’re $5 normally, and their quarter million minimum qualified with $5 million in investible assets. What we used to call whales when we were on the phone back in the old days. Those you don’t get to your rookies, don’t even let them see it, there are waste of time. The big dogs are sophisticated guys and they’re in for dinner.

So, if you’re looking for any kind of leads, as far as the oil and gas markets concerned, I got to tell you, accredited investor lists that we have are real, real hot. You can reach me at 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless!