Oil and Gas Investor Leads

Oil and Gas Investor Leads

Last Updated on August 29, 2018 by John Fischer

Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to accreditedinvestors.net. And I want to talk about Oil and gas investor leads. We sell that. As a matter of fact, for 28 years we have an A-plus rating. And I actually use to sell oil and gas, I’m really really familiar.

Look, what I bring to the table as the owner of salesleads.tv, that’s the mother ship, accreditedinvestors.net, one of my many websites, is that I’m a closer, I have done what you do for a living, I’ve owned rooms, I’ve hired salespeople, I have bought leads and I got into this business 48 years ago, with a lot of first-hand experience, on how to buy leads and of course how to close them. So, what you get from me is like the whole package. A lot of guys that sell leads have never been on the phone, have never sold an investment, they’re pretty much clueless. I’m a one man operation, I’m the only guy here, and I have my supports but I’m the only sales person here. So, we don’t get to sell things like a thousand times like the crew out in the West Coast, the Kentucky fried turkey. By the way, we sell that lead, we sell over 300,000 of them, 7 ½ cents for 50,000 minimum. We call them the village bike, been ridden by everybody. Am I slinging mud? No. After 28 years of doing this, I know how to do this correctly. I better after 28 years.

The oil and gas investment leads, we buy prospects sheets from people, broker-dealers that have call them, surveyed them, read them the definition of an accredited investor, make sure they have $25 to $50,000 and mail them a private placement memorandum. So, if you’re looking for oil and gas investment leads, call us, we’ve got the goods, we’ve got the great stuff and they’re a dollar a piece, a thousand minimum, you get a hundred big dogs, that’s another story, we’ll talk about later. Those are quarter million qualified. If you buy 5,000, I break down to fifty cents, $2,500 for 5,000 files of one thousand each. What’s a file? It’s a group of leads that I bought from one particular oil and gas guy.

John Fischer, 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time and God bless.