Accredited Oil and Gas Investors

Accredited Oil and Gas Investors

Last Updated on January 27, 2022 by John Fischer

If you are reading this blog post, there’s a good chance that you are either looking for or interested in learning more about accredited oil and gas investors. You’re in luck! specializes in accredited investor leads, we are affiliated with and have been in the lead business for over 30 years.

What is an accredited investor?

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the ‘Act’) was enacted to protect investors. The Act requires companies to disclose information about their company and its business in detail. This requirement is one way the Act protects investors. To qualify for accreditation, an investor must be able to meet the minimum net worth or income requirements set by the SEC, measure their personal net worth by the greater of $1 million or annual gross income over $200,000, and have a reasonable expectation of achieving a net-worth of more than $1 million after making a reasonable series of phased investments, over a period sufficient to enable them to save and invest a significant portion of their income.

Accredited Oil and Gas Investors

Why do I need accredited oil and gas investors?

Accredited oil and gas investors are the most sought-after group of investors. Oil and gas companies are looking to raise money from these investors because they have higher net worth thresholds than other types of investments such as real estate or private loans require. Also, their investments will be backed by future production from the oil and/or gas well, which is pretty good security for them compared to a lot of other investments that depend solely on the financial soundness of the investment developer.

What happens if I use leads that are not accredited?

The sad truth is that you won’t make any money with leads that aren’t accredited. If you are trying to grow your business, please make sure that all of your leads are accredited in order to achieve the most success. There seems like there are a lot of people using leads for their own personal gains and not investing their time into the process; this will limit their ability to actually grow their business and provide them with enough revenue to live comfortably.

Where can I find accredited oil and gas investor leads? has accredited oil and gas investor lead lists, contact us today to to learn more.