High Net Worth Investor

High Net Worth Investor

Hello my name is John Fisher welcome to accreditedinvestors.net. Hey accreditedinvestors.net has been around for 27 years we have an A+ rating. The mothership is sales leads.tv. We have many, many websites. We’ve created a dynamite network of 35 maybe different websites and it’s kind of like how we find you guys or how you guys find us.

What is a high net worth investor? I don’t like that particular term but when you guys go to Google and you look it up it’s what you use so let’s go ahead and address this.  I don’t know, I mean an accredited investor has a net worth of a million dollars not including his home so I would imagine without making an assumption that that’s what people are talking about.

So when you’re looking for leads and you do it a private placement, remember it’s not high net worth investor you’re looking for, it’s accredited investors or if you want the guy who’s got 5 million plus an investable assets, now you’re talking about the big dogs, those are 5 dollars apiece, your accredited investors are $1 apiece, our minimum order is $1,000 order. We sell you four files of 250 plus 100 big dogs for free, so remember if you’re looking for high net worth investors we have two categories for you, one the accredited investor that’s a million net worth not including his home and two the qualified accredited investor, quarter million minimum risk capital and he has at least 5 million in investable assets. I hope I answered your questions. If you have any, call me John Fisher at 561-981-8777.  Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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