Qualified Investor Leads

Qualified Investor Leads

Last Updated on August 29, 2018 by John Fischer

Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer, welcome to accreditedinvestors.net. Qualified investor leads. What’s a qualified investor? There’s the accredited investor, 200,000 income last 2 years, 300,000 combined, million net worth not including his home, experience in managing his personal portfolio. And of course in our case, it’s people that have been surveyed and mailed the private placement memorandum.

The qualified accredited investor is what you use for a hedge fund or for what’s called a master private placement. Those are for like large raises and the hedge fund and master private placements require a qualified accredited investor, who’s defined by a quarter million minimum investment available, but most important of all, has to have $5 million in investable assets as opposed to the regular accredited investor, million net worth not including his home.

I hope you understand the difference. We call the big dogs, unfortunately we can’t get them anymore, we lost our source. We’ve got 2,900 that are about 9 months old right now, we have maybe 10,000 in the last twelve months and I got to tell you something, I’m going to miss that database, but it’s the best database. They’re based on a 5 million plus owner or manager of a huge business, these guys are great. These guys can take the whole damn project.

You have any questions? Call me 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless.