Investment Leads

Investment Leads

Hey everybody, my name is John Fisher welcome to I want to talk about investment leads. So you’re on Google and you punch in investment leads, that’s what we sell. But I want to caution you that if you’re selling a remedy 504 505 or a 506, investment leads is not going to be enough they have to be accredited investors and we all know what the definition of an accredited investor is but let’s talk about investment leads.
What is an investment lead? A lead is a name, address and a phone number. An investment is a vehicle in which someone can put money into and hopefully take a percentage of what the entire entity does in a profit if is there is a profit. So the investor would be, hypothetically you invested five percent of an oil and gas drilling venture and the thing hits and there’s a ten thousand dollar monthly you know truck full of oil that you would get five percent of whatever that yield would be, that’s breaking it down nice and simple.

So again investment leads, the lead is the name, address and the the phone number and how we get our leads is by buying the data from people that have already surveyed them. The oil and gas industry is experiencing some very, very low prices right now, the problem with that is that they’re putting on great paper that’s good for you and me but for those poor guys it’s just tough to get a guy to invest in the oil and gas right now because the market is so, you know the press. So well good news for us is these guys have skin in the game they’re reading the definition of an accredited investor, they’re making sure the guys got twenty five to fifty thousand dollars and they’re mailing them a private placement memorandum.

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