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Lead List

Hi everybody my name is John Fisher welcome to accreditedinvestors.net. We’ve been in business 27 years we have an A+ rating. Lead lists, you punched in lead lists into Google and I don’t know why you would say lead list. Anyway what is a lead list? Lead is the name, address and a phone number. A list is a number of those. I mean basically do we sell lead lists, yes we do, but I would rather use a different language and you should also because when you’re ordering lead list you don’t know what you’re getting, it can be info USA name, address, phone number or it’s a zip plus for average terrible, they suck. And a lot of people out there are selling those disguised as accredited investors.
If you paying seven cents a lead, trust me it’s not what we sell, we sell people that have been surveyed by a broker dealer, mail the private placement of memorandum. It asks for twenty-five to fifty thousand a comfortable entry-level, anything you buy from info on USA lead genie, sell genie or invested leads.com has not been surveyed, trust me.

Another thing is we scrub against the litigators list, whoever you buy leads from say, hey by the way how many litigators have you got on your data base and are you scrubbing against those litigators. Because we have two hundred eighty thousand people that we won’t sell you and how many do they have and do they even scrub and if you think that do not cause a pain in the butt, you go ahead up to a law firm whose bread and butter is just a few people that call them up, you don’t want that kind of a headache and if you think I’m full of it, go to Google and punch in DNC litigators and then you’ll give me a call and say John thank you for covering my butt, let’s talk about lead list. Do we have them, yes we sell them for a buck apiece, thousand dollar minimum.

Again let’s not call them lead list, let’s call them accredited investors. If you have any questions call me 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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