Big Dogs

Big Dogs

Last Updated on January 26, 2021 by John Fischer

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to I want to talk about big dogs I know we have a lot of big dogs out there. Big dogs happen to be highly qualified accredited investors they’re what we call qualified accredited investors. They have a much different.

definition the accredited investors 200,000 income last two years, a million net worth, not including their home experience in managing their personal portfolio. The qualified accredited investors which are used for hedge funds and master private placements are people to have at least 250,000 liquid risk capital and have at least five million in investable assets. 

Now two years ago a year and a half ago we used to get the big dogs, the original big dogs which by the way has its own website, and these were qualified five million-plus dmb type leads. There were people that were the CEO’s owners major stockholders shareholders managers of these big companies that did at least five million in annual sales. So the assumption was that if the company’s doing five million this guy owns it or he’s a manager he’s got to be an accredited investor. He’s got to be much much bigger than accredited and that formula worked out really well so we had a firm that was prospecting for qualified accredited investors and they had 20 guys punching away at these business leads and producing the big dogs. We don’t have those anymore, but what we do have is the original leads.

Were supplying and we’ve gone ahead and taken a step further we went ahead and we found the source where we could get 160,000 of these 5 million-plus business owners to sell numbers and 80,000 of them actually had email addresses those are 15 cents apiece. Again I’ve got 160,000 of them those are dynamite guys cheap and you know what you don’t have to worry about the do not call. I mean they’re dynamite, on the other side we have the other big dogs which are forgotten cell numbers they’re just regular businesses, but these are special people you don’t find these on all business lists. You know what they’ve got a lot of information on them and they’re cheap they’re 10 cents apiece so although my normal lead is 50 cents apiece to pp cremas these particular leads are great for big rooms they’re great for you to know people that are sensitive to the DNC and want to be 100% compliant plus you know what it’s virgin territory.

I got to tell you stockbrokers have beat the living crap out of all the Dunn and Bradstreet leads out there and pitched them on the stock because you know quite frankly most people didn’t want to get a san number so what they did was you know they got a hold of these um Dunn and Bradstreet and that’s all they do is called none of Bradstreet leads but the private placement arena has not caught up yet. So I’ll tell you what it’s a great lead it’s inexpensive and I highly recommend adding that list to the people that you are prospecting if you have any questions feel free to call me John Fischer 561-239-0364 thanks.