Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Last Updated on January 21, 2021 by John Fischer

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to Let’s talk about precious metals. Precious metals is a pretty ambiguous keyword, but what we sell is precious metal leads. People that buy either numismatic coins or people that buy numismatic or should I say bullion IRA’s kind of like the stuff that monarchs and gold line and people like that sell. Then you also have the numismatic coin buyers so bullion you let’s just say hypothetically you buy a 10 ounce of a 10-ounce bar of gold that’s what we call bullion. The numismatic coins would be a high relief, saint gardens coin ms 70 you know whatever the date may be.

So here’s the deal if you buy a silver eagle and it’s just a regular silver eagle it is bullion and if you weigh it, it weighs an ounce and it’s got a spot price and whatever it is but if you take that coin and if you have it graded and now its sitting in a pcgs you know the plastic thing where you can’t open them up it loses it’s you know its authenticity and if it’s an ms70 it’s now not only carrying the intrinsic value of that metal but it’s also got an additional value and that’s the rareness of the coin that’s how many were actually minted. The date how old it is the condition it’s in etc so either one it’s precious metals now you know you’ve got all kinds of other precious metals.

precious metals

You know I’m sorry if you clicked on precious metals and you got me but if you’re talking specifically about gold, silver, or platinum I love platinum I’m telling you guys right now any of you guys selling precious metals platinum is the deal buddy. Platinum is the deal but anyway if you’re selling numismatic coins or uh you know all Morgan’s or whatever it is these coins according to the best. They are 50 cents apiece, our minimum is a thousand dollars if you’re doing bullion we actually have some lists of people that are ira buyers and of course, we have people that buy IRA’s also buy numismatic coins and people that buy numismatic coins also buy IRA’s. So don’t kick yourself to think that the IRA guy list is different than the numismatic coin.

Matter of fact the IRA guy spending 25, 50, 100 where the numismatic coin guy is spending 800 maybe 3,000 with some guys. I mean the real professional guys you know talk portfolios when it comes to numismatic coins not one coin at a time, although sometimes you have to open up with one coin at a time. I want to get into the sales under this whole thing but you can tell I’m a silver guy I’m a precious metals guy I sold that way before I became a commodity broker and to this day you know I definitely believe in it. You know precious metals and I have a little bit in my safe so if you have any questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.