Accredited Investor

Accredited Investor

Last Updated on January 26, 2021 by John Fischer

Hey everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to, let’s talk about the accredited investor. I’ve said this a million times, anyway, an accredited investor is a person that has at least a million net worth, not including their home has, experience in managing their personal portfolio, makes at least 200,000 a year, 300,000 combined and that’s what we do that’s what we sell. 31 years now we’ve been doing it, ninety percent of my stuff comes from private placement memorandum recipients the broker-dealer has got skin in the game he’s looking to make his 10% commission. So he’s going to vet the guy, he’s going to make sure he’s accredited, he’s going to make sure he’s got at least 50 dollars and he’s gonna send him a private placement memorandum.

So I mean it doesn’t get better than that as far as getting somebody vetted. We called the file pp crema we’ve also got some opt-in stuff that’s very good. We’ve got a client list, the prices are 50 cents apiece decline lists are a dollar apiece.

If you have a san number that’s a federal trade do not call we’ll go ahead and scrub your leads. If you don’t have a san number we’ll get one for you by the way it’s over 240 million people on a do not call um and if you don’t want to get a san number you’ll sign my indemnity form and you’ll take the responsibility if there are any problems. We do have 1.3 million professional litigators they’re the real troublemakers and I’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time, and every time my customers have a problem they’ll call me up and say john get this guy off your list he’s uh you know what and uh you know after doing this for 31 years I’ve gotten a lot of people off the list that imagines that 1.3 million that’s 1.3 million that my competitors don’t have and you’re calling, and man it’s amazing.

Matter of fact if we become customers, clients, we’ll go ahead and take your phone numbers for a suppression list so I don’t sell you the same numbers twice and I’ll take your suppression list and I’ll tell you who the professional litigators are and how lucky you are that you didn’t get a hold of that guy. 

Again, if you’re looking for accredited investors we got them that’s what we do for a living and the prices are 50 cents apiece 10,000 is 40 cents, we do some bigger quantities we’ll talk about that. We’ve got client list people that actually wrote checks they’re a buck apiece, we’ve got opt-in people you know it’s all about quantity. We’ve got the big dogs and the big dogs are business numbers, some with cell phone numbers, some with email addresses, and those are dynamite and you know what I think it’s really time for you guys to start calling business numbers because there’s just so many accredited investors out there that are home numbers and they’re disappearing and if you clean them up against it do not call us hardly anything left. Anyway, so the business exempt, and although there’s a lot of businesses on the do not call they’re not allowed to be on there so if there’s a business, abc liquors and you’re caught well I shouldn’t use abc liquors if it’s xyz liquors uh and you call them up you know i mean it’s an exempt call they can’t say anything to you so you know we got to start taking a look at that because we’re running out of numbers and names on the do not call. If you want any information out the accredited investor leads abfeel free to call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and thanks for your time.